Press Release: Objection to rezoning for PLA Pier in Central 新聞稿: 反對中環碼頭改劃為解放軍碼頭

15 April 2013
Press Release: Objection to rezoning for PLA Pier in Central

We do NOT object to ceremonial visits of PLA vessels, and the opportunity of the public to visit vessels.

We do Object to zoning the area for a large development, and for permanent military use.

Enclosed is the objection submitted by Designing Hong Kong to the Town Planning Board regarding the rezoning of Central’s waterfront for the PLA berth.

For more information, please contact Debby Chan (31043107 or[email protected])  or Paul Zimmerman  (90960250 or[email protected] )

1) DHK Objection submitted to the Town Planning Board

新聞稿: 反對中環碼頭改劃為解放軍碼頭




如有任何疑問請聯絡陳小姐(3104 3107 或 [email protected])或司馬文(90960250 或[email protected] )

1) 創建香港向城規會遞交的反對書(只附英文版)