Keep small house thuggery out of country parks 向郊野公園村霸「說不」

Keep small house thuggery out of country parks

For years Designing Hong Kong has warned the Lands Department and Town Planning Board of the breakdown in law and order as a result of the Small House Policy. And this is set to get worse.

To deal with the infinite small house demand, Government has decided on a ‘containment strategy’. Instead of ending the Small House Policy, it restricts construction of small houses to village land. The result is for residents – not village developers who filled their pockets – to resolve: Violence, criminal intimidation, and even death.

With 2/3 of the V-zones are already used up, houses are now squeezed between existing ones, often on land used for access and parking. The location of small houses is chaotic as they are granted individually at different times on former paddy fields. The Lands Department does not guarantee right-of-way to small houses. Village developers are told to make their own arrangements for footpaths, vehicular access and parking.  And so they do where they can with the unauthorized occupation of Government (and private) land.

Below are some recent examples of village thuggery as a result of the small house policy.

To object to the cancer of village houses spreading through our country parks, go to

Village Thuggery in Hong Kong

November 2013: Exit of a house barricaded with concrete blocks in retaliation over a complaint over access.
201311: 為了報復有關小型屋宇的投訴,以水泥封路


November 2013: Unfriendly notice demanding withdrawal of objections.  We objected to the house because it will block the emergency access of other houses. 


Pat Heung tragedy
27 October 2012: Two young boys died in Pat Heung as fire engines could not reach their house.
201210: 由於消防車無法駛入屋宇範圍,導致八鄉上村兩名小童死亡


wendy hui beaten

2 May 2012: Wendy Hui from Kwun Hang Tsuen village in Ma On Shan nearly beaten to death over road access.