香港環保團體合力發動行山打卡熱潮 香港巿民透過史無前例的網上動員行動對抗郊野公園發展威脅 Green Groups Create Selfies Fire Storm #SaveOurCountryParks Hongkongers express support for country parks during unprecedented event in response to development threats


保衛郊野公園聯盟在今日舉行一個史無前例、覆蓋全港的網上動員行動,以保護香港的郊野公園。首屆的欣賞郊野公園日,主題為 #保衛郊野公園,已於12月第二個星期日舉行。

由早上8時至中午12時,總共超過34,106訪客曾進入郊野公園,並透過義工獲得保衛郊野公園的資訊。社交媒體(包括Facebook 活動專頁和Instagram)有著過千相片或影片標籤了 #保衛郊野公園。
有關記者發佈會的影片和相將上載至保衛郊野公園Facebook 專頁
更多行山人士的相片可以到 保衛郊野公園:行山打卡Facebook 專頁。

Green Groups Create Selfies Fire Storm #SaveOurCountryParks
Hongkongers express support for country parks
during unprecedented event in response to development threats

Today, the Save Our Country Parks alliance held an unprecedented, territory-wide event leading to a “Facebook Fire Storm” in support of Hong Kong country parks. With the theme #SaveOurCountryParks, this was the first Country Parks Appreciation Day to be held annually on the 2nd Sunday in December.The firestorm of selfies #SaveOurCountryParks is happening on Facebook with thousands of images and messages uploaded by hikers today throughout Hong kong’s country parks
Over 200 volunteers from 16 organisations and individuals set up more than 30 stations at key entrances to 20 of Hong Kong’s 24 country parks. The volunteers counted visitors and asked them to take selfies in support of safeguarding country parks. The mega event gave Hong Kong people an opportunity to stand up and oppose those wanting to use country parks for development.
From 8am to 12noon, 34,106 visitors were counted entering the country parks and get the message of Save Our Country Parks from our volunteers. Over thousands of messages were tagged with #SaveOurCountryParks across social media, including Instagram and Facebook event page.“This event is truly amazing,” said Prof. Lam Chiu-ying, former director of the Hong Kong Observatory and currently adjunct professor of the Geography and Resource Management Department of CUHK. “It’s great that so many groups have rallied in support of our country parks, giving Hong Kong people a chance to air their views.”
Prof. Lam added: “The national government has decided to incorporate special ecological areas within its urban planning strategy. We should do likewise, yet there are increasing threats from developments. Hong Kong has a unique treasure with our extensive country parks system – which no other World City can rival. Developers and government should not encroach on this unique asset. Today’s event shows that people care and are willing to stand up to protect the country parks for our next generations.”
According to the Country and Marine Parks Authority’s Progress Report, the number of visitors has increased 24.8% compared with last summer – clearly showing that country parks are ever more important for leisure and relaxation for Hong Kong residents and visitors.
Prof. Wong Fook-yee, adjunct professor of the Geography and Resource Management Department of CUHK, related the history and objectives of establishing Hong Kong country parks, and said they should be conserved and protected.
“We have more than ten thousands members – all of whom love the country parks –and this continues to grow,” said SK Shum, organiser of Hong Kong Hiking Meetup. “The country parks are for gathering and meeting new people, for sports and recreation, for our health.”
Suzanne Cheung, CEO of Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), said, “I love country parks, and am keenly aware of the environmental benefits – such as providing habitats for wildlife to enhance biodiversity, trees absorb carbon dioxide (GHG) to mitigate climate change, greenery that benefits our mental and physical health, and as a source of clean drinking water.”
The groups also called on the Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to stay true to his Election Manifesto, in which he promised that “We will protect our country parks and bodies of land and water with ecological value, and formulate long-term plans for other areas of land available for development.
More photos and pictures on the press meeting will be uploaded on Save Our Country Parks Facebook Page.
For more hikers’ supportive pictures, please visit #SaveOur CountryParks event page.
Ark Eden、香港地貌岩石保育協會、爭氣行動、創建香港、Eco-Sys Action、香港大學學生會理學會環境生命科學學會、海下之友、西貢之友、大浪灣之友、香港地球之友、綠色社區、綠色大嶼山協會、綠色力量、環保觸覺、綠領行動、綠色和平、香港自然生態論壇、香港單車同盟、香港海豚保育學會、Hong Kong Outdoors、大嶼山愛護水牛協會、島嶼活動行動、活在南丫、勃勃海洋、西貢大浪灣關注組、香港自然探索學會、長春社、香港觀鳥會、世界自然基金會香港分會
香港遠足覓合團、Sai Kung Buffalo Watch、守護大嶼聯盟、徑‧香港
 “Save Our Country Parks Alliance” Members and Partners include green, hiking and other concern groups who seek to safeguard Hong Kong’s Country Parks: 
Ark Eden, Association for Geoconservation, Hong Kong, Clear the Air, Designing Hong Kong, Eco-Sys Action, Environmental Life Science Society, SS, HKUSU, Friends of Hoi Ha, Friends of Sai Kung, Friends of Tai Long Wan, Friends of the Earth (Hong Kong), Green Community, Green Lantau Association, Green Power, Green Sense, Greeners Action, Greenpeace,, Hong Kong Bird Watching Society, Hong Kong Cycling Alliance, Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society, Hong Kong Outdoors, Lantau Buffalo Association, Living Islands Movement, Living Lamma, Living Seas Hong Kong, Sai Kung Tai Long Wan Concern Group, Society of Hong Kong Nature Explorers, The Conservancy Association, WWF-Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Hiking Meet Up, Sai Kung Buffalo Watch、Save Lantau Alliance, TrailWatch.