Understanding the economies of Hong Kong’s districts 發展香港地區經濟

With jobless numbers rapidly rising, there is an urgent need for Hong Kong’s district councillors to focus on the economies of their constituencies.

We produced a booklet offering basic information on jobs, industries and their locations.  Download here


地區經濟:18區機構數目及就業人數 Jobs and Establishments in 19 Districts  (2019年數據 Data in 2019 )
Published Date 出版日期: 30/10/2020
Pages 頁數: 60

URL: http://www.designinghongkong.com/v4/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Summary-of-District-Economy-DHK.pdfWorking with District Councillors throughout Hong Kong

This video briefly explains the booklet and how the information can be used to identify new growth opportunities, taking Southern District as an example.

Presentation slides 短片簡報片