The Central Harbourfront Concern Group consists of several civil society organizations. The group aims to retain the Central Waterfront as “Open Space” and keep the promise that the PLA Pier should be opened for the public when there is no military need.

Members include:

  • ‘A Green Harbourfront Cyclepath for Pollution Free Hong Kong’ campaign group
  • Animal Life Guard Action Group
  • Central and Western Concern Group
  • Clear the Air
  • Designing Hong Kong
  • Green Sense
  • Hong Kong Cycling Alliance
  • In-media
  • Land Justice League
  • South Tokwawan Concern Group
  • The Office of Dr Kenneth Chan Ka Lok, Former Legislative Councillor (HKI)
  • The Professional Commons
  • The Green Environmental Health Group
  • 99bus HK



  • 「給港島區海旁規劃及興建環保單車徑」運動組群
  • 動物生命糾察隊 
  • 中西區關注組 
  • 爭氣行動 
  • 創建香港 
  • 環保觸覺 
  • 香港單車同盟 
  • 香港獨立媒體 
  • 土地正義聯盟 
  • 南土瓜灣關注組 
  • 陳家洛前立法會議員(港島區)辦事處 
  • 公共專業聯盟 
  • 綠色健康環境團體 
  • 99bus HK – 香港寵物巴士企劃
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