An archipelago of over 280 islands, and 800 kilometers of mostly natural coastline, Hong Kong has the opportunity to be the boating capital in Asia. The recognition for Hong Kong’s coastline have increased with the Geo Parks initiative and discussion over Tai Long Sai Wan, increasing the hiring of leisure boats, and tours.

It is no surprise, people in Hong Kong no longer believe the enjoyment of leisure marine activities is their right. 90% of the population, who cannot afford membership fees of a marina, have no place to store their boat safely, and no place to get on and off a boat. Small boat owners overseas have a trailer to put the boat on and a yard to keep it in. In Hong Kong you can’t take a canoe in public transport, elevator or flat.

In Hong Kong, we need public marine centers and piers on the waterfront so that the community can enjoy Hong Kong’s magnificent waters at a low cost.




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