Press Release: Aberdeen Harbour in Trouble 新聞稿: 香港仔港灣的危機

Press Release
27 March 2013

Mid-March, the Marine Department has issued demand letters to 100s of boats in Aberdeen Harbour for exceeding the length of their designated mooring. In addition, others have received notice reminding the owner of the mooring that he must also be the owner of the boat using that mooring. As many private moorings are sublet this is further creating mayhem.

Boat owners have been given two weeks’ notice to vacate their mooring when found in breach. The Marine Department in a meeting this morning refused to extend the notice period till November when the typhoon season ends.

With a dramatic shortfall of sheltered moorings in Hong Kong, an estimated hundred pleasure boats will be left without shelter at the start of the 2013 typhoon season. Rumours have it that a few privately held moorings have seen their rental increase by more than 100% for use next month.

As CEO of Designing Hong Kong we call on Government to urgently create public marine centres throughout Hong Kong, to address the shortfall of safe moorings for the increasing number of boats used for tourism, pleasure, recreation and sports. This shortfall of moorings makes it impossible for people – except for the super rich – to enjoy Hong Kong’s magnificent shore lines and beautiful waters.

For more information, please contact Denis Leung at 9618-8378.

Paul Zimmerman
CEO, Designing Hong Kong