Press Release – Marine users lose waterfront facilities with reclamations新聞稿 – 填海計劃忽視海事設施使用者

Designing Hong Kong today proposes to include typhoon shelters and piers in all new reclamations.

“The plans for Tung Chung West show that hundreds of boat owners will lose moorings and berths for canoes, sampans, and other boats used for tourism, fishing, leisure, recreation and water sports,” Paul Zimmerman, CEO of Designing Hong Kong explained.

The reclamation announced during the Stage 1 Public Engagement for the “Tung Chung New Town Extension Study” covers the coast line of Tung Chung Bay where people keep boats. The planned reclamation does not include any marine facilities, and there is no mention of marine users in the Stage 1 Public Engagement Digest.

“Any new reclamation in Hong Kong, should have coast lines which are designed not only to promote a healthy marine ecology, but also create opportunities for the public to go out on boats and enjoy Hong Kong’s beautiful waters, islands and shorelines,” Paul said.

Designing Hong Kong released conceptual graphics for typhoon shelters at all the reclamations which are under consideration: Tung Chung West, Tung Chung East, Siu Ho Wan and Sunny Bay at Lantau, Lung Kwu Tan at Tuen Mun, and Ma Liu Shui at Shatin. The reclamation proposed at Tsing Yi will be designed for container and other large ships which do not need typhoon shelters.

Designing Hong Kong supports the new breakwater proposed for Sai Kung Town but does not want to wait for the relocation of the Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works. “A growing number of boats in Sai Kung can’t be insured because there is no typhoon shelter, a problem which needs to be resolved urgently,” according to Paul.

“Designing Hong Kong objects to reclamation for a generic land reserve. Reclamation is irreversible and should be a measure of last resort for specific land uses only. New land must first of all be created through rezoning and resumption of inefficient used land. However, if reclamation proceeds, it should always include facilities supporting affordable storage of boats and water sports equipment. This will allow the public to go out on boat tours for hiking, camping, beach visits, swimming, fishing, scuba diving, and to visit geo parks or areas of ecological interest. It will also promote water sports and other active marine uses.”

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另外,我們亦支持西貢市的建防波堤的建議,同時希望西貢污水處理廠能盡快搬遷。 司馬文:「西貢因為沒有避風塘,越來越多的船隻沒有安全的停泊點,問題已經愈來愈急切需要解決。」



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