East Coast Trail 東岸海濱徑


Hong Kong is famous for its well-developed network of mountain trails. With most people living near the coast in Hong Kong, Designing Hong Kong has embarked on a quest to connect coastal trails – see https://www.coastaltrail.hk/.

Government has adopted our proposal for the Hong Kong Island Coastal Trail and is now working on resolving the missing links. We have also recommended alignments for the Tsing Yi Coastal Trail and the Tuen Mun – Tseung Kwan O Coastal Trail.

Today we release our proposal for the alignment of the East Coast Trail – a route from Tai Po to Tseung Kwan O. Covering a distance of 90 kilometres, this trail meanders as much as possible along the waterfronts and crosses over mountains where necessary.

Proposing the alignment of the East Coast Trail

The proposed trail is divided into 12 sections, offering a delightful journey from Tai Po Market Railway Station along the Tolo Harbour coastline, passing notable landmarks and scenic spots. You’ll traverse the Ma On Shan Promenade, explore the Sai Kung with its rich biodiversity, and embark on a hiking adventure through picturesque landscapes. The trail includes beautiful beaches, camping spots, and the opportunity to appreciate nature’s wonders, including flowing streams and distant mountain views. The trail concludes at Lohas Park, Tseung Kwan O, providing a fulfilling and memorable 90-kilometre experience.

The East Coast Trail is the fourth coastal trail to be proposed by Designing Hong Kong in collaboration with TrailWatch. The goal of our coastal trail development program is to promote connections along waterfront throughout Hong Kong as there are generally close to residential areas. Moreover, our picturesque waterfronts offer enjoyable experiences, stunning views and a cooler climate, for individuals of all age groups and physical abilities. For more information about our projects, please visit https://www.coastaltrail.hk/ect.html.

The 90km East Coast Trail is divided over 12 sections

1. Pak Shek Kok Section (Length: 6.5km / Highest point: 10m)
Pak Shek Kok Section is well developed and flat. It passes through Tai Po Market, Hong Kong Science Park, and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The route offers stunning views of Tolo Harbour, with famous attractions and waterfront parks for tourists to explore and appreciate the beauty of the New Territories.

2. Ma On Shan Section (Length: 6.5km / Highest point: 10m)
The Ma On Shan section is approximately 6.5 kilometres long, running flat along the opposite coast of Tolo Harbour. It passes through Tai Shui Hang and Heng On before reaching Ma On Shan. The route is well developed and includes a cycling path and the Ma On Shan Park which are popular with local residents.

3. Nai Chung Section (Length: 7.5km / Highest point: 30m)
The Nai Chung Section connects Kai Ling Ha and Wu Kai Sha, spanning a total length of 7.5 kilometres. The route follows Sai Sha Road and detours through two of Hong Kong’s ecologically valuable sites of scientific interest (SSSI). Hikers can enjoy beautiful sea views and the scenic mountains of western Sai Kung.

4. Cheung Sheung Section (Length: 9.5km / Highest point: 320m)
The Cheung Sheung section spans a total length of 9.5 kilometres and passes through scenic spots such as Shui Long Wo and Yung Shue O. It follows the hillside hiking trails and eventually reaches Wong Shek Pier. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful sea views of Kei Ling Ha and hike the mountainous area of the Sai Kung Country Park, including Cheung Sheung (320m).

5. Ham Tin Wan Section (Length: 10km / Highest point: 160m)
The Ham Tin Wan Section starts at Wong Shek Pier and intersects with the Wong Shek Family Walk, then passes through To Kwa Peng, Ham Tin Wan, Chek Keng, and finally concludes at Sai Wan Pavilion. Along this section, hikers can enjoy the continuous mountain ranges and pristine sandy beaches. The heights vary from sea level to a maximum of 160m.

6. Long Ke Section (Length: 5.5km / Highest point: 315m)
The Long Ke Section starts at Sai Wan Pavilion and follows the MacLehose Trail Section 2 through Long Ke, and ultimately concludes at the East Dam of the High Island Reservoir. Along this section, hikers can enjoy the scenic views of the mountain ranges and pristine sandy beaches. The endpoint at the East Dam of the High Island Reservoir is within the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark, offering unique geological features for visitors to appreciate. The height difference of the walk varies from the beautiful Long Ke Beach at sea level to the nearby Sai Wan Shan at 315m.

7. High Island Reservoir Section (Length: 9.5km / Highest point: 135m)
The High Island Reservoir Section spans a total length of 9.85 kilometres and takes visitors around the High Island Reservoir before reaching Pak Tam Chung, the main entrance of the Sai Kung Country Park. Along this section, hikers can enjoy the natural landscapes within the Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark and witness the grandeur of Hong Kong’s largest reservoir. 

8. Sai Kung North Section (Length: 7.5km / Highest point: 40m)
From Pak Tam Chung the trail runs along the coastline with scenic views of Tsam Chuk Wan, Sam Nga Hau, and the Inner Port Shelter. Following this road will lead you to the centre of Sai Kung town.

9. Sai Kung South Section (Length: 9km / Highest point: 140m)
Welcome to the scenic walking route from Sai Kung town centre to the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). This route allows you to appreciate the rural areas of Sai Kung, as well as stunning sea views and hidden natural gems at Nam Wai and Campers’ Beach. 

10. Silverstrand Bay Section (Length: 6.5km / Highest point: 160m)
Visitors hiking along the Silverstrand Beach Section from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology pass through Silverstrand Bay and ultimately reach Tai Au Mun. Walking along this stretch of road provides a scenic view of the beautiful coastline of Silverstrand Bay.

11. Tai Au Mun Section (Length: 6km / Highest point: 290m)
This route starts at Tai Au Mun and follows the Lobster Bay Country Trail, ascends Ping Tok Hang Shan (215m) and Tai Ling Tung (290m). The route offers scenic coastal views of Lobster Bay. The circular route brings you back to Tai Au Mun. The Lobster Bay Country Trail has a total length of approximately 6 kilometres and offers ideal locations for kite flying. 

12. High Junk Peak Section (Length: 6km / Highest point: 240m)
The High Junk Peak section starts from Tai Au Mun, follows Tai Au Mun Road to Ha Shan Tuk, then ascends to the summit of Tai Chik Sha. From there, you can decide to detour via High Junk Peak. Finally, you return to the urban area and the MTR station at LOHAS Park, the end point of the Coastal Trail from Tai Po to Tseung Kwan O.

The East Coast Trail – An Unforgettable Adventure

The East Coast Trail is a pathway along the eastern side of Hong Kong, stretching from Tai Po to the Tseung Kwan O waterfront. This route runs along Tolo Harbour,  through the Sai Kung Country Parks and Sai Kung town, through Clear Water Bay and ends at Logan’s Park. The route offers visitors both sea and mountain views. In the future, as more waterfront promenades open up connecting more areas in Hong Kong, more people of different abilities can enjoy the pleasure hiking Hong Kong’s coast lines.

Please refer to our website for more information about the East Coast Trail.

If you have any feedback or would like us to research more waterfront promenades, please feel free to email us at [email protected]. Your input will help us improve Hong Kong’s waterfronts experiences for the public.









1. 白石角段(長度:6.5公里 / 最高點:10米)

2. 馬鞍山段(長度:6.5公里 / 最高點:10米)

3. 泥涌段(長度:7.5公里 / 最高點:30米)
泥涌段連接企嶺下和烏溪沙,全長7.5公里。路線沿著西沙路,經過兩個香港生態價值高的具特殊科學價值地點 (SSSI)。沿途亦可以欣賞到美麗的海景和西貢西部的山景。

4. 嶂上段(長度:9.5公里 / 最高點:320米)

5. 鹹田灣段(長度:10公里 / 最高點:160米)

6. 浪茄段(長度:5.5公里 / 最高點:315米)

7. 萬宜水庫段(長度:9.5公里 / 最高點:135米)

8. 西貢北段(長度:7.5公里 / 最高點:40米)

9. 西貢南段(長度:9公里 / 最高點:140米)

10. 銀線灣段(長度:6.5公里 / 最高點:160米)

11. 大坳門段(長度:6公里 / 最高點:290米)

12. 釣魚翁段(長度:6公里 / 最高點:240米)

東岸海濱徑 — 一段難忘的冒險



如果您有任何反饋或希望我們研究更多海濱長廊,歡迎透過[email protected]聯絡我們。您的意見將有助於我們改善香港的海濱體驗。

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